Thursday, February 9, 2012

Such Blessings from Allah

It seems that I've forgotten totally about my blog. It's been more than a year since I last updated my post. I sometimes dream about writing a very nice topic once in a while but my daily routines have kept me tied up really good.

However, I feel compelled today to write about the wonderful news that I've received yesterday. My eldest daughter, Suraya, who is in her foundation year in medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland at the Bahrain campus, scored all 1st honors in her final first semester exams. I know she had work really hard for the finals and her hard work was paid off with such excellent results. Our family is so proud of her. She's always determined to succeed in whatever she pursues and we support her all the way.

My second daughter, Nameerah, got her results too and I'm really proud of her for getting 5As and 2Bs. Her As are English Honors, Biology Honors, Chemistry Honors, Arabic 3, Digital Photography. Her Bs are Algebra 2 Honors and Modern World History. She got 99 for her Bio honors and 98 for Arabic 3 and 95 for Chemistry. Impressive, right? She's been working hard to complete all her class work and projects that sometimes having to sleep really late at night, even at 3 am. I hope Allah will make it easy for her. Ameen.

My youngest, Azalea, is also doing very well in class. She's getting a lot of 100% marks in her Social Studies tests, her English vocabulary is developing rather extensively, and she's very good in Math and Science. I hope she'll achieve what she hope to be when she grows up.

Such blessings that Allah the Almighty has bestowed upon me and my hubby. Through bad times and definitely good times, our children always colour our lives with delights and happiness. We miss them when we're apart and we savour the moments when we are together.

Alhamdulillah. Makes me proud to be a mother. :)))


  1. congrats to yr girls and of course to you & dell. well done and keep it up! we r proud of you.

  2. thank you noni n cik mar. there's an extension to the Aramco's house where we convert it into a study room. my daughters spend about 70% of their time at home in this room. so you can imagine what they are doing most of the time...which is playing computer games. hahaha but seriously, having them studying together in room helps a lot in terms of them motivating each other and supporting one another. Kalau tak faham senang nak refer n research. :))