Wednesday, March 2, 2011

7 Surprising Ways Happy Couples Stay Close.

Got a link abt the title from beloved hubby. He wrote: "Thot you might be interested to read this". Aww, gawsh, you're so sweet, Luv.

So basically what this link tells you is about 7 surprising ways happy couples stay close. It's easy actually, it's just that we tend to take each other for granted after so many years together. I find this article not only refreshing but inspirational at the same time. So here it goes:

The & Surprising Ways Couples Stay Close:
1. A beautifully framed picture from your falling-in-love days.
- Oh well, I got that one in KL, so I'd better have one too, here.
2. A movie you both love.
- no worries there...although some of my favourite movies are not a hit with him, both of us love watching Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Indiana Jones just to name a few.
3. A unique anniversary to celebrate.
- other than our wedding annversary, we also celebrate our first date together almost every year, sometimes by reminiscing and most of the time by eating ice-cream together. He might not remember it always but nonethe less he likes to reminisce the times when we were courting.
4. An empty-nest dream.
- we plan to travel, do gardening. mostly what retirees do.
5. A fight that never ends.
- of course nobody in a relationship often see eye-to eye about everything there is under the sun, so there are certain things my husband and I often disagree, but I wouldn't change a thing for the world.
6. Mad money.
- this is something that need to be considered. Even though both of us have some savings, we never consider spending them later on for some spurs-of-the-moment thing. Maybe we could just set aside some, for fun sake, huh?
7. An oversized beach blanket.
- got that one covered. hehehe!