Thursday, December 16, 2010

New addition to the family - Chibi


About 5 days ago, my beloved hubby and I went to a pet shop in Amwaaj Plaza aka Jarir Plaza and got us a lil' she-kitty of 2 months, a mix breed of Persian and Turkish. We had been window shopping for a cat for quite a while until we saw her in her cage playing with her rubber ball. She looks so cute and playful. My hubby was asking me whether I want her or not and I know from the start that she's the one I want. So, we bought her with all the accessories needed like the litter box, the food container, the ball with a bell inside, and of course her food.

At first she was meowing really bad as we drove back to our house. I was really apprehensive as it has been so long since I last owned a cat. I have always loved cats and I enjoy playing with them. When I was a little girl I used to own a white she-cat which I named "Putih"...yeah, I know it's very original and very creative of me...hahaha! But then again I was just an eight year-old who preferred to keep things uncomplicated...hehehe! Okay, so I remember being so engrossed with my cat that I always had her sleep on my chest and taught her how to jump a hurdle I made with my arms. Being a typical Malay person who lets the cat eat rice with fish bones and lets her out at night, my cat and I had a very long, beautiful relationship until she gave birth to countless kittens and I grew up and had to go to the boarding school. She was too old to play and I was too busy with school to care. One day, she went away and never came back.

Okay, this is not supposed to be a sob story but rather an account of how after all these years, I suddenly feel that we need a pet in our household. So, hubby being ever considerate and all, decided to buy us the kitty. My kids named her Chibi. It's a Japanese word basically means "small-ish"...Lily is totally smitten with her and she plays with Chibi almost all the time she's at home. And I think Chibi likes her too coz' she's purring contentedly when Lily's playing with her. My elder kids adore her too.

Well I guess she's the new little addition to the family and I hope she will grow healthily and happily, for many, many long years. Even though she's still new, she warms our hearts so easily. She is such a little darling and we look forward to playing with her everyday.