Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Making Pineapple Tarts

I know I have been neglecting my blog for ages now. Time seems to pass by so quickly that I find it hard to do many things at one go. Or is it that I'm getting old thus me being slow at doing things? Anyway, I don't want to dwell on it too much, I guess I would just take the extra time that I have now and write something.

Now I'm in the midst of fulfilling my friends' orders for pineapple tarts. The work is tedious and time consuming, therefore if I am not staring at the computer, it means I am busy trying to get the dough out of the mould or making sure the jam is filled nicely in the hole of the moulded dough.

The thing with these pineapple tarts, once you eat them, you'd want more. I think the secret lies in the dough itself. Butter, egg yolk and condensed milk are added to the flour for creamy texture. Plus the rubbing of butter and flour to form "breadcrumb-like" texture makes the tart soft and kinda melt-in-your mouth.

To date, I have about 1000 pieces to make. These are repeat orders and I am glad my friends love them tarts. As I have been saying to them that I made the tarts just for fun and not seriously for business, they have to be patient with me taking my own sweet time making them. Because I want my pineapple tarts to taste delicious, and I don't do things hurriedly. I prefer to savour the moment eating my tarts and I want others to feel the same too. So to end the note, lets go to the kitchen and start rubbing the butter...with flour that is. Hehehe!