Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New photos

Here are some new photos of us to make this blog looks interesting. I guess I just don't like uploading and downloading photos...too tedious a job for me...what with finding the cable and all that thingamajigs that we use for that whatchamacallit thingy...hmm...too tech-savvy for me... :PPP

Celebrating Mother's Day

Mimi with her Abstract Scorpion that she got a 100 for. (P/S. the painting next to her was not hers btw)

Morning walk at the jogging track

Dell and I at a friend's house during the religious class for the children

Playing congkak and lost in the first round during the children's religious class outing at Half Moon Bay, Dhahran, KSA.

Actually I got loads of photos waiting to be downloaded into the computer...maybe I am waiting for the right mood...or maybe I am just plain lazy...take your pick...hehehe!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Never too Old?

The World Cup is here and that means busy days for me...what with the watching and agonizing over the way the teams played, besides having to revise and memorize my mengaji lessons...ooh dear...hectic schedules indeed. To top that, I also need to learn piano and knitting...what was I thinking???

Then there's my regular job of cooking, cleaning, teaching and being there for everybody...funny how I used to think that being at home meant more time to lepak and doing nothing...boy, was I wrong...indeed!

Actually, I am not writing this post to fact I love doing all those things plus many more...I enjoy learning and acquiring new skills and perhaps be able to relay those skills to my daughters...we have plans for this summer holidays, since we are going back only in August so for the month of July, Mimi and Lily would go for the intersession activities in school whereas Yaya and I would spend our time cooking and painting. I am so excited and I know the girls are too coz' they have been working really hard in school and they deserve a break. The intersession would be a fun-filled activities for the children who are still in the Kingdom which involved rock climbing, swimming, playing games and many more.

As for me...I still need to learn how to play piano, am a lil' bit slow, being at this age, but I know it's never too late to know new stuff as long as you have the perseverance and the tenacity to strive hard. Never too old to learn new skills, I always say; therefore, little by little I acquire these skills hoping that one day I would look back and smile and give myself a pat on my back for being able to do the things I want to do. God willing.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sambal Tumis Ikan Bilis

I started my day today making pancakes (more like apam Malaysia) to be eaten with the leftover sambal ikan bilis that I made for my birthday. So yummy. That really reminds me of my mom's famous apam Malaysia and sambal ikan bilis. I could never get enough of her sambal tumis, be it with ikan bilis, ikan tenggiri, or prawn. So delish!! And now my kids are so darn crazy about the sambal too, savouring the dish delightfully and always manage to clean up the pot in just 2 days...mind you, I always make a lot, and the way they scoop the sambal is like OMG...almost half the plate...maybe because I always make sure that my sambal won't be unbearably too hot for them and beloved hubby. I wish I don't have to cook sambal tumis all the time (I hate the cooking process, what with the spills and splatters,the smell that lingers in the house...etc. etc...) but what can I do, they love my sambal ikan bilis too much...

So my next course of action would be to cook sambal every 3 days so that we can eat sambal continuously and never run out of sambal (oh will I have the courage to do that?)...just like when my mom was could always find sambal tumis in her be eaten with plain rice, nasi lemak, apam Malaysia, roti bai, or as the condiment in Lontong...there you have it...the many ways of eating sambal tumis...ooh...I'd better start making sambal to replenish my almost finished :))

Thursday, June 3, 2010

tis n dat

It's weekend here in Saudi (being Thursday and Friday) though my beloved hubby still has to work until Sunday. Early this morning, my hubby and I sent my eldest to her school for the Senior Graduation ceremony...she's not graduating yet, being a junior, but she's a part of the choir and they have to perform for the ceremony...

My body is aching...but mind you, I'm not coming down with a fever or something, it's just that I've started exercising on the treadmill coz' the weather doesn't permit me to take a walk in the jogging track anymore. It's scorching hot now with temperatures in the mid 40s. Summer is almost here and I resort myself to doing the exercise in the comfort of my own home...thus the aching in my body...hehehe! But I love the feeling...I know that I'm taking care of my health, the good old fashioned way...:))

My weekend is kinda lazying around the house, cleaning up a bit, cooking simple dishes and maybe watching tv. As my hubby is off to work, I am left with the kids. The HORROR! FYI, the house we live in here has an extension, courtesy of the previous tenant. So, the extension room is being used as a study room cum computer room for the kids, and is adjacent to the living room, with a sliding door separating them. Therefore, whenever I want to use the computer, I'd just use it in the study cum computer room. The kids spent 90% of their time in the room, doing homework, studying, reading or just playing games on the computer. My beloved hubby came up with this idea because he wants us to be near them whenever they need our assistance. Also, being unconventional, he feels that to make another living room out of the extension would be quite redundant.

Owh...BTW, FYI..tomorrow is my birthday..yeay? Yeah!!! Hmm...What have I achieved in my 44 years living this life? I hope at least I have achieved something relevant and matter how insignificant it is to others..that something means the world to bringing up 3 wonderful daughters whom I'm very proud of, having a contented life with my beloved hubby and kids, learning new things everyday, making new friends and keeping up with my reading habits...Owh well..I guess I am not complaining, life has been good, no matter what. I always like to remind myself to be forever grateful and look at life positively...for in every dark cloud there's a silver lining...or something like that. So with an open mind and a warm heart I welcome the challenges I am facing for my remaining time on this blessed earth...(me being sappy... ^o^)
So there it sappy entry for today...what else is new, right?