Thursday, October 29, 2009

That lazy feeling

I've been in a slump for more than a month now. I just can't get that feel good feeling that I used to have back when I first came here. I used to get excited about anything but now I don't want to do anything except be lazy. Yeah, I am lazy if compared to other people. My poor family. I look in envy at other people's blogs or Facebook where they post nice pics of food and stuff that they did. But me...nada, zilch! Oh woe is me... :(

How do I get back on track? I miss the sea. Somehow it calms my nerves. And now, I get nervy easily, moody, yup, always. Once my middle daughter asked me when would I make sushi? the answer...when I'm in the mood...hahaha!It seems that even to cook I have to be in the right mood. No doubt about it. If I'm not in the mood, the result would be disastrous. Poor Mimi. Soon, my dear, when I get out of this lazy feeling.

Even updating my blog nowadays is a huge task. I have nothing on my mind worth writing about, hence this junk. Maybe I should get back to what I'm good at...being lazy! Oh, my late mom was right...I am lazy. Sorry family...:(