Saturday, September 26, 2009

Back to Routines

The first week of Eid is over, and the kids are back to school sans Yaya, who is now on virtual school as the Dhahran High School is closed until Oct 10. It is by Royal decree that the International schools in the KSA are closed during the Eid celebration as the preventive measure for H1N1 flu epidemic. Now it's back to the same (really?) routines just like for lunch and dinner, cleaning and doing laundry etc. etc.

I hope to enroll myself in swimming lessons soon. It seems that I have this unexplainable fear of immersing myself in deeper part of the swimming pool..hehehe! Always stick myself to the shallow end and never have the courage to even do the back float...I hope I can conquer the fear soon.

I have seen lots of raya pictures being uploaded via facebook. Our Eid celebration this year so far is without our family pictures taken yet as my hubby is busy working. Luckily he had the day off on the first day. We planned to take some pictures on the first day but we were so busy berhariray-ing that we never really get around to it. Oh well, maybe when he's not working the day after tomorrow, we might just do that. It's never too late I always say.

I have to make sure Lily and Mimi are revising for their Measurement of Progress (MAP) tests this coming week. I'm so glad I haven't received any mails from the teacher if their grades fall below "C" grades. Whew...thank God! Meaning I have to make sure they are maintaining at least "B+" in all their subjects. And hope for all A's. (Insya Allah).

As for Yaya, she's getting along quite well in school despite not going to school for 5 months. Besides the core subjects, she's taking beginning guitar and she's quite good at it. It's nice to hear the strumming of guitar in the background everyday. (Now you can't complain to me saying you don't have any skills, ok?). :)
Lily's getting good in playing the recorder too. And Mimi plans to audition for the musical, "Mulan". I hope you get a part in the musical. We'll be rooting for you!

I guess my entry this time is quite random, oh well. Yeah! And Mimi, don't say..."Mom, don't!" ...coz' I know I am "cool" without even trying! hahaha! (roll eyes). And routines, routines...who needs them? Like I always do when I'm overwhelmed with routines, just curl yourself up in a sofa and think happy thoughts...(aka dreamland) and that always works for me...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Where have you been all my life?

This is my first time celebrating Eid ul Fitr in Saudi. Like the many Eids I celebrated away from Malaysia before, this Eid just seems like any other Eids. We went ballastic going to the open houses from morning til night, where the dishes like nasi impit ( substitute of ketupat nasi), kuah kacang, rendang, nasi beriyani, nasi dagang, laksam, and many more, just to name the few adorned the dining tables. Raya cookies (traditional and modern), fruit cakes and layered cakes on coffee tables added the final touch. Everyone was in a festive mood. You wouldn't believe it that you are not in Malaysia, judging from the way we dressed. The guys with baju Melayu and samping, some with ketayap (skull cap), some wearing jalabiya, whereas the ladies with colourful baju kurung or kebaya, even the kids are not spared. Some families went for the same colour themes. The atmosphere was heavy with festive moods. Good friend hugging each other, all feeling happy and merry.

Eids do bring the best in people. Because we believe in asking each other for forgiveness for any wrongdoings throughout the year during this holy month of Syawal, we shake hands and hug each other, the ladies especially, kiss each other on the cheeks. What merriment it is to see people getting along so fine, wouldn't it be nice to do that all year long for the rest of eternity? Hmm, that's something to ponder upon, right?

In my 43 years of age, I have come across all sorts of people from all walks of life. Some are nice and kind just for the goodness of it all whereas some are cocky, conceited and nasty to the T. And along the way I have befriended many beautiful and kind people and I cherished the friendships we have. Alhamdulillah, recently I met this sweet, unassuming lady right here in Dhahran, and she somehow struck the right kind of chord in my heart, making me feel so comfortable talking to her, about almost anything under the sun. We did mingled when we were in the crowds but somehow we ended up talking to each other again. I must say, I like her very much even in the short time that I got to know her. She is one fine lady and I am so glad to have made an acquantaince with her. I enjoy talking to her and I hope she does too. Even though I wish I've met her earlier, I am glad I got the chance to know her now. I hope she feels the same way about me.

To all my good friends wherever you are, near and far, I hope our lives are always blessed with prosperity, happiness, good health and loved ones. Eid Mubarak.