Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Are we in different planets?

Why do women express themselves by venting their anger, frustration, angst etc.etc so eloquently whereas men tend to bottle up their emotions and hope to get back on track soon enough? It always boggles my mind how men think and why they act accordingly...

Lately I've been reading about relationships between men and women and how differently their tracks of mind work. While women tend to let it all out accompanied by waterworks and rantings, men tend to mask their inner feelings by pretending nothing is out of the ordinary...

Well, I'm no psychology buff nor I am an expert on relationship stuff. I do from time to time got my message wrongly delivered as I intended but I always believe it is a two-way communication between a man and a women no matter how grossly different both are, physically and anatomically, hehehe! and of course mentally...yup, that's what I mean!

Take my hubby for an instance...he can be talkative and could blabber for hours about cars, politics, his job(his pride n joy), soccer, just to name a few...but once asked about what he thought about what women want and think, about how one's relationship could go awry, etc. etc. he would go clam shut and pretend that he didn't understand my question or simply change the subject...clever, clever! True enough, I learn that some things are better not to be dwelled with, end of story. Maybe that's what I love about him. He is a caring person who prefers not to discuss the inevitable, to him let's not wish for things you wouldn't want them to happen to you, and he would be happier for things to take it's course slow and steady, to him, it's better to let sleeping dog lie...which to me sometimes can be irritating and frustrating when I get a no comment from him or he just laugh it off. Like I asked him about what a husband expect from his wife after all these years, and he prefer to take a walk with me along the beach rather than argue with me about nothings..

I must admit I can be a pain in the a** sometimes coz' I tend to pick up a fight for nothing. It's the perils of being an educated person who likes to form strong opinions on lots of stuffs that sometimes she forgets the trials and tribulations that accompany life. I am thankful my hubby prefers to spend our evenings together walking and talking about stuffs we both enjoy doing. I am glad he is always there for me when I was in pain, when I delivered my children, when I was devastated by my mom's death and for being a sweet and caring husband. We may have our differences becoz' he is a man and I am a woman but that what God intended for us when we embark on this journey...to try to understand each other and at the same time have our own opinion and identity. In the end there's no correct way to handle relationships, but only compromising and understanding will lead the way.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just not your day....

You know it's not your day when:
1. the shops you wanted to go to were closed just 5 minutes before.
2. the date you reserved for your moving day are cancelled due to last minute change in truck allocation.
3. the cake you baked turned into a pancake.
4. the drain pipe under your sink went burst out of the blue and you end up spending the whole afternoon cleaning up the mess.
5. the long-lost friend mistaken you for another long-lost friend.
6. you wanted to look as if you are not wearing any make-up but instead you looked like you just recovered from an illness.
7. the satelite tv went fizzed.
8. the internet connection took forever to get connected.

and I could go on and on until I bore myself to sleep....so Good night everybody!!!!!=.=