Friday, July 31, 2009

They will happen, will they?

Things may not turn out as you planned but they will happen anyway, eventually, somehow or rather...I should know...I like to mind is churning with plans, ideas, etc. etc. until I couldn't get some shuteyes at night. I know it's not healthy to stay awake, tossing n turning, couldn't get to slumberland soon enough but I admit I have this disease of not able to immediately go to sleep especially when my dear beloved hubby has to work on night shifts. I guess I'm so used to have his warm body beside me that I just could not doze off that easily when he's not around. But what to do? It's his nature of work and I have to console myself by saying that it's only 7 nights at a time. Oh well...

But let's not get side-tracked here...What I'm trying to convey here is that I tend to plan for every single little things in my life that I'm beginning to feel frustrated when they don't materialize as I would like...They do happen but somehow they happen later than planned or they happen differently. And I have no power to avoid such situation coz' I have to rely on others...those who have authority to do so...And I keep on planning, n planning n get upset when it happens not as I planned...

OMG...I'm sounding like a broken turntable, keep on repeating the same agony over and over again. I must try to ease up a bit n let whatever will be will be...que sera sera...could I? I can only pray that Allah the Almighty would grant me the patience to persevere coz' I just feel like screaming my lungs out but too dignified to do so..erm?

I know, I know, it's the cycle I am having every year...and it's that time of the year! Once I get what I want I'll be alright! I should go jogging...n let the kids tag along...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kodak Moments

I rarely post photos on my blog. I guess I am too lazy or IT challenged to do so...have to ask help from beloved hubby or the kids...So there you go, a few nice photos of me n family..
My family
The kids' silhouette on the asphalt.(don't mind the daughter forgot to set the correct should read 2009/04/20)
Mimi n Lily on Mimi's first Prom.

With Mak in Alor Setar just before our flight back to KL.

Actually I have more photos but since my hubby is working on the evening shift, I have to wait until his off day to get him to download more photos from the camera....that shows how IT challenged I really am...

BTW..the kids love my masala chickpea. Yummy and good too..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It' a Plan...Really...


1. Lose more weight...(you might ask..what's with me and excess weight? Well..I am obsessed with losing weight or I might say I prefer to maintain my weight to a comfortable number so that I don't feel slacking or become too lazy to do anything should I gain weight...get it?)..a nice small, round number in the kg would do me fine, thank you.

2. Therefore I should plan the healthy menu for the Iftar during the Ramadan month.

3. Exercise more a lot of sit-ups...ergh!

4. Start packing our stuffs for the's getting on my nerves that them people in appliances dept still having problems with providing the washer/dryer/fridge for the house?! Whutta? Well, I guess we people (meaning me'family) gotta have lots more patience then...

5. Start cleaning this house we're still in...gotta look good for them inspection people...not that the house needs more cleaning anyway...looks kinda fine to me...(I work hard people...yeah, right).

So that's the short-term plan anyway...with the exception of no 1 which is definitely a long-term I always say I could not and would not let myself go without fighting...hehe!

My mind is utterly blank right now...can't really think of anything of value to write about...I'm lost for words...they just don't come easy nowadays...soon I hope when the dust has settled then my brain would start flowing with so-called creative juices which would be worth reading!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

You Are What You Eat

I know, I know...the title says it all...after all it's a borrowed phrase from a famous tv show on BBC Food. When I was in Sudan I used to watch a lot of this program, me being a health freak. I got hooked on eating right, exercising and all that jazz until I turn people off with my healthy talks. I don't know, I guess I don't like getting sick often coz' I enjoy being in good health which means I have lots of energy to deal with my kids' demands. Yeah, like "Mom, can you help me with this and that", "lets go swimming Mom", " I want cookies etc. etc. etc." and stuffs...well you know what I mean. And I have to exercise because if I don't believe me I'll get that period pain so unbearable sometimes I cried like a baby...yep, I've check with the problem whatsoever...Thank God but I still get the pain. One girl friend of mine even jokingly said maybe because I gave birth by C-sections and my cervix is small which makes it possible that my period pain is painful...she's no doctor but it does makes sense...Hmm...

Ok..where were we...Oh talks...I'm lucky my kids are not that demanding when it comes to long as the food is tasty they'll gobble it up in an instant...haha! Just kidding. I believe we should teach our kids on eating healthy early in their life. Therefore, let's start with breakfast...I know it's convenient to just give them cereal for the morning...but mind you make sure the cereal you serve is not laden with sugar...a no-no. My kids like Post's Shredded Wheat, Post's Honey Bunches...just to name the few. No doubt they are kinda pricey but heck of course you want your kids to be healthy and smart right? One surefire oatmeal prepared with cocoa and milk with a sprinkle of raisins...mmm-mmm...sheer delight!

Hookay...I've read an article saying that if you want to maintain a healthy weight, try not to eat a variety of food in your diet ( meaning eating the same kind of food everyday) must include lots of veges and fruits and drink lots of water..and please people, don't mistaken a diet with not eating kinda diet coz' so many of us would say we are on diet which means we are not eating or we are cutting down on food by a half. For the past 43 years, I've been eating regular food and not on a diet but I try to exercise as much as I could. I must admit sometimes I get derailed especially after I got back from Sudan and indulging myself to Malaysian cuisine like crazy for the first 3 months. Luckily I managed to get back on track and I made a point to get on my treadmill everyday for 30 minutes without ain't easy anymore. When I was in my mid 30's it's easy to lose 2-3 kg in a month, but now to lose 1 kg in a month means I must starve myself...which I'm not willing to do...hahaha! I just enjoy eating food...delicious food. So, my solution is not too worry too much with the weight but to exercise and tone the muscle and to eat healthily. That means eating yogurt, antioxidant-laden fruits and raw salad, wholemeal bread, capati and lots of fish, and drinking homemade juice.

So, the family and I embark on this healthy regiment of eating right. We would eat rice once a day as our early dinner with fish curry and grilled fish and veges, sometimes raw, sometimes cooked (just to give an example). Because for lunch we would eat wholemeal sandwich with tuna or smoked turkey breast layered with ripe tomatoes and Romaine lettuce. The kids just loved the sandwich I made for them. I guess it was prepared with lots of love...which makes it so tasty, right kids?

Stop the press...this just in...those who don't like kangkung or water spinach must be vegetable haters coz' my kids said kangkung tastes great especially if you fry it with soysauce and anchovies...awesome said Mimi....and let me tell you, I've met a lot of people who don't like veges in general but they say they don't mind eating there you have it...after all these hard work and is hard to stay healthy, I can only pray that my family and I would have the best of health always...God willing.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

R.I.P. Michael

My eyes could not help but tearing up during the memorial for Michael Jackson last night...ever since I was a teenager in a boarding school, I've always liked his music and the way he moved. I was mesmerized by his songs, his moonwalks and precise dance-steps, though no way I can emulate his steps, that never stopped me from singing along and dancing to his songs...

He was a human being after all...those who knew him gave heart-rending descriptions of what he was like in life...the emotional outpours of love from friends and family really showed that he was just as normal as you and me and not like what the tabloids made him to be...and to quote what Al Sharpton said to his kids..."there was nothing strange about your daddy, but it was strange which your daddy had to deal with "... and it breaks my heart when his daughter spoke of him as the best father you could ever imagined....

Goodbye Michael. Maybe it hasn't sank in yet but the world has lost the brightest star that ever lived...Your music continue to transcend all barriers and limits. R.I.P. the King of Pop...