Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bored Woman Talking

I've been one busy mom lately, what with the kids having the end-of-school year activities such as Poetry Celebration, Learning Celebration, Band and Choir Graduation, Beach Party, etc. etc. just to name a few. The thing with the school here, parents are totally involved with the kids' activities and programs...sometimes they want us to bake cookies or muffins for their class parties or we have to go to the school to watch them in poetry recitation or concert.

I'm really glad to see them settled nicely in their new school. I know it's hard to make new friends everytime we move to a new place. Somehow or rather the kids adjust well to the new surrounding better than their mom. Maybe being kids you don't really dwell with pettiness as compared to adults. The thing with adults (and I mean women) is we tend to bother too much about who's the better cook, great decorator, best mom, who has more bags (designers', not eye bags) etc. etc. My kids' only concern is when do they get to eat...haha!

I'm a bit bored I guess. I need to do something that would stimulate me...but for now I'm at a total loss for stuffs to do. Haven't been drawing for quite a while...maybe I'll start now. Gardening? Have to wait until we move to Dhahran. No point creating a masterpiece garden only to be left behind. My hubby said why not try watercolor painting...hmm...haven't done that for a loooong time. Don't know whether I still have it in me in watercolor painting. Guess I have to start somewhere, right? And oh yeah, I stink (sort of) at baking...

I've been watching the Late Show with Dave Letterman and today he said something about "Jon and Kate and 8plus" which went something like this..."who are Jon and Kate and where did they come from" and showed some insignificant footage of their big tv announcement about getting a divorce...hahaha! Hillarious! Yeah that's so much that sums it...who the hell care whether they are together or divorcing...such publicity-crazed couple...

Didn't I just mention that I sort of stink at baking? I got this book called How to be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson from Ras Tanura Library and thought that maybe I'll start being one hopefully. I've always been quite good at making Malay pineapple tarts but that's the only thing I'm really good at. Having no oven before really hampers my desire to bake mouth-watering muffins, moist chocolate cakes and crispy-on-the outside but chewy-on-the inside chocolate chips cookies. But excuses anymore...So having researched for countless recipes and reading books on baking, yesterday I ventured on baking a simple sugar cookies for Mimi to bring to her "Study Hall" party and although I can say I was not really proud of the cookies' appearance but the taste was quite delish. So I just pray that the kids would love them no matter how they look like. And when Mimi came home later she said all the kids in her Study Hall group loved them. It was a sellout. Wow! I guess I'm on the road to being a domestic goddess then. That's good enough incentive for me to continue baking and to brush up my artistic skill so that my cookies would look more presentable next time. I wanted to post the photo of the sugar cookies but before I know it they vanished into thin air (my kids ate them all, almost...).

I reckon I'm on a mission now...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

May Allah Bless Her Soul

I'm just writing this to drown my deep sorrow on the passing of my former principal Puan Khadijah Karim a few moments ago...although I don't really know the details except for the fact that she suffered from lung cancer, I feel I should write something, like a tribute to her.

She literally transformed the life of hundreds of awkward girls into charming young ladies that led to the sucess of so many professionals in various fields. Her beautiful face graced the hallowed path of our school corridors with so much style and elegance. I remember when we were young, clumsy and uncouth, she taught us to be sophisticated and ladylike. Especially on how to behave and learn the proper social etiquette.

My first impression of her was somewhat strongly planted in my mind until now. She came to my high school when I was in Form 2. The first time I saw her she was wearing a plain blouse and a flare skirt with a flowered scarf tied around her neck. She was fair and tall, like a Eurasian. Her English was impeccable. She has a strong quality of confidence about her and she smelled nice too. She didn't make you feel afraid of her but she commanded respect. I remember her stopping us from running to the dining hall and told us that young ladies should walk not run.
We learned to eat using knife, fork and spoon and putting napkins on our laps. Suddenly all of us became dainty and cultured all thanks to her. It's like going to a finishing school in Europe without having to pay exorbitant fees.

I remember when she looked at my SPM results and complimented me on my achievements. It really mean a lot coming from someone you looked up to. I sometimes saw her at my sister's restaurant in JB,(after she no longer the principal of my high school and me just got back from the USA) buying my sister's kuih muih. My sister knew her well coz' she used to teach at my sister's school before coming to my school.

After so many years, I never stop thinking about her from time to time. Sometimes I would asked my sister about her. Maybe we are too busy and too occupied with our own life that we never once thought that those who made such big impact on our lives are gone forever. I'll pray that she will rest in peace and May Allah bless her soul. Goodbye Puan KD, I'll always remember you in my prayers. Al Fatihah.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

43 isn't Fatal!!

Whoa...does time really fly that fast? Somehow I don't feel I'm 43 and yet here I am...Like the tv ad in the 80's back when I was in the States, where "Dynasty" was a highly-rated primetime soap opera, Krystle Carrington (Linda Evans) was endorsing this "Forever Krystle" perfume, her famous catchphrase was " being 40 isn't fatal" and tell you the truth I just couldn't agree more. Saved for a few hiccups here and there like the flu I just recovered from, I feel great and never felt better in fact. Maybe years of trying to eat healthily (still trying) and exercise whenever I can, help. I know it's tough to stick to the healthy regiment (hmm..I sound like a drill sergeant) but always hang in there, I always say.

For the birthday my beloved hubby bought a beautiful red-embroideries-at-the-cuff black abaya for apt for a birthday present (it's the most expensive abaya I have to date)...well I couldn't ask for a better present coz' we ladies can only wear black abayas in use buying me colourful blouses since I don't get to wear them in public here.

Anyway, we went to Al Khobar, to Malaysian Kitchen for my birthday lunch. I ordered Cantonese Kue Teow and Orange's quite good. The rest of my family ate nasi goreng, kue teow goreng etc. etc. then my hubby ordered two sets of chicken satey ( about 6 sticks per set) which was really good. I had a fabulous time yesterday, we went to Al Rasheed Mall to eat Haagen Dazs ice-cream...Mommy got to eat two scoops of coconut macaroon and belgian chocolate ice-cream with decorated with sugarcone waffles and chocolate syrup...yummy! (I wasn't so much a fan of cakes so this was the best substitute!)

Since it is weekend here in Saudi, initially I planned to cook something special...but deferred the plan for the next day since we ate out....we arrived home at around 11:00 pm. All in all it was fun and could not ask for anything more. Thanks Luv, and you kids too for making Mommy the happiest yesterday.

My wish as always...May Allah always bless my family and me and make us better in all aspects of our lives. Grant us good health and halal wealth and may our lives always in His tender care.


p/s. I'll post my latest pic in my new abaya soon...hehe!