Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Under the weather

Down with flu, these couple of days...can't sleep very well, went to see a Primary Care Physician, he gave antibiotics for my infection ( seems I had E.coli in my urine, thus me getting this flu.) High fever gradually subsides after 2 courses of ibuprofen and Ciprofloxacin tablets. Body still weak, aching all over, feel like sleeping all the time.

Follow-up visit just now, given a Ok by the good Doc, but my mouth still feels blaah (if there's such a word) and can't help feeling the blues? Waiting to pick up hubby later in the afternoon, maybe that'll cheer me up. My poor children! Wait till mommy gets better and I'll cook something special for you guys.

Funny, my hubby said maybe I get sick because my birthday is coming...(macam babies beralih bulan) does he think I'm a baby? Maybe...lately I need lots of TLC...especially from him....tsk..tsk...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Every year for the past three years on Mother's day, I'd feel a bit melancholic thinking about my late mother, who had passed away in 2006. I've never given her any cards for Mother's Day when she was alive coz' I felt that no card could amount to her sacrifices in raising us her children, alone without her husband, my father, who passed away when I was two. To me my mom's sacrifices were too grand to compare. Instead I always kissed and hugged her, hoping she would stay healthy and lived a long life. However Allah loves her more and I pray and hope that Allah would grant her paradise in the Afterlife. Amin.

I've always admired her even though I've never told her so. She was the tower of strength and my mentor in everything I do. We may had many differences in opinion and how we handled things since she was of the old school but the time we spent together talking and reminiscing were cherished forever in my heart. I always cherished the time we spent at the canteen of my high school, she pouring her hearts out telling me her grievances whereas I sat opposite her, weeping silently. She never failed to visit me, bringing home-cooked food and delicacies she so famous for. I miss her so dearly and I wish I could turn back time so that I could say I love her one more time. Al-Fatihah.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Time is of no essence

I thought I'd have more time now that the kids and I have settled down here in Ras Tanura. Mimi and Lily have started schooling in Ras Tanura School (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, how creative the name is...hmm...well when I first put my feet onto the school ground, I myself felt that I wanna be in that school....so quiet and peaceful...makes you feel at home, the teachers and staff there are so friendly you'd never feel lost and lonely anymore!!!). Even the students are friendly and helpful...

The kids got on the bus to go to school, which is a relief to me since I don't have to be their driver anymore. I can even leave the door unlocked if I want to go to the commissary for marketing or simply gallivanting around the camp, driving around as long as I don't go beyond the security gates. The neighbourhood in the A**mco camp is so safe you can see kids of all ages bicycling, skateboarding or scootering on the roads because all motorists in the camp have to abide by the speed limits set by the A**mco security and if you break the rules it will be costly for you especially your hubby since a certain amount of money will be deducted from his payroll for any traffic violations in the camp...but it was much worse outside in the Saudi roads since you could spend 3 days in the lock-up for a certain traffic offence!

Well, enough about that. What I meant to say is, I thought I'd have more time now with me not being a driver anymore. But new issue kept cropping up. I realised that not being able to drive outside the camp means I have to wait for my hubby to drive me around for shopping trips to the malls. Since my beloved hubby's job is in shifts I'd have to adjust my time subject to his availability. Which come up to me having limited time to go shopping with friends since I prefer not to go out if he's having his off days and if his shifts start at nights he'll be at home during the day. I could not go out if he's at home resting (not that he doesn't allow me to go but I just don't feel like going when he's around...maybe I just love being in his company even if I have to listen to his snoring away, fast-asleep-on-the-couch kind of company..) and to make things worse I don't have my ID yet in order for me to go out with friends, and to take the bus ride as all A**mco personnels and dependents must have IDs. Talk about limitations...I got a major adjusting to do coming from a place where you can do as you please be it driving and walking alone to having the male driving for you or going in groups to shop. To me it's not really a big deal but how I wish I don't have to disturb my hubby's rest just to bring me to the tailor for my abayas. Oh well, what's a girl to do?

Also, having them back for lunch break everyday at 11:30 am to 12:20 pm means I have to prepare lunch for them be it tuna sandwich or a simple rice and chicken curry and stir-fried veges or pizza or burger and fries for them. I feel that the kids must have some proper meals and what better ways than to have them eat home-prepared grubs? Which means what limited time I have left to be spent on me entirely? I guess the anwer would be almost zilch!! Oh woe is me...before coming here I was thinking of maybe indulging in getting my hands in dirt and soil...yep some really serious gardening!! Whoa...you might think Wow! How interesting? Hehehe! Tell you the truth I love to garden...if that's the right phrase...but for now I have to let it go for until that time when the time is of abundance, I shall rejoice and indulge passionately planting seeds of promising blooms all for me to savour and cherish...Hehe! (Thank God for the Bangla gardener who tenaciously rakes the leaves and weeds the grass to make my lawn look presentable...) Hmm, so many things on the planning but so far nothing done...Hehe!

Maybe, just maybe, my lack of time was due to the fact that there were lots of invitations from other fellow Malaysians for makan2 (usually big feasts) and being new means it would be nice to meet and make new friends. No doubt I feel the jitters everytime I have to make new acquaintances. Once I get to know them, it becomes easier for me to talk and mingle..So far the Malaysians here are nice and very welcoming. It's such a nice change from living in KL where everybody's so busy with their rat-raced lives.

(One more thing...I went to my junior Srikandi's house during lunch. She was of '85 batch whereas I was of '83 batch. Yeah, it's a small world...never thought that I got to see my ex-schoolmates again after all these years. The fault lies with me coz' I've never even bothered to keep in touch with them for more than 20 years, saved for a few I chanced to meet at various shopping complexes. Maybe it's my inferiority complex which hinders me from keeping in touch. I always feel that a srikandi should hold a very glamourous and powerful position in a successful multinational company. Or at least has a job, any job... Hence my absence from gatherings organized by the Srikandis...But I know I've got the best job in the world, a full-time job...)

Today, as I rearrange the furniture furnished temporarily by A**mco in the living room, I kept on thinking about how lovely my life actually is...My kids adore me and my hubby is wonderful to me...that I cherish every moment spent with them...maybe, just maybe I don't need a time of my own, for I am happiest when I'm with them.....